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We are extremely proud of our James J Slade scholars.  The resilience and hard work of our students this semester truly exemplify some of the characteristics that James J Slade himself possessed.  This was evident in our scholars as they still persevered through their projects in spite of our present challenging times, as our nation is dealing with the coronavirus.

James J. Slade was not a stranger to learning while faced with adversity. He was born and raised in Uruapan, Michoacan, in Mexico.  He grew up during the Mexican revolution in the years surrounding 1910.  He immigrated to the United States at the age of 14.  After attending college in the United States, he had the chance to be the author of articles and short stories.  As he became a voracious learner, he displayed a deep interest in ascertaining solutions to given problems.  So it comes as no surprise that he later found himself at Rutgers in 1931 as an associate professor in engineering mechanics and the head of the division of applied mechanics. He was noted for his discoveries on the mechanics of turbulent sedimentation.  He spent 33 years as a professor and researcher and became the director of the Bureau of Engineering Research.  It is great to see the James J. Slade Scholars program continues to celebrate the hard work of research and exploration.

Jean Patrick Antoine
Director, James J. Slade Scholars Program



We would like to appreciate the efforts of the JJ Slade Faculty + Alumni Committee, composed of JJ Slade advisors and alumni.

The Faculty + Alumni Committee aids in selecting the Oral Presenters for the annual JJ Slade Symposium. Based on their own expertise, they evaluate individual video presentations to determine scholars qualified to present their research.

Dr. Charles Roth

Biomedical Eng

Dr. Anand Sarwate

Electrical + Computer Eng

Dr. David Shreiber

Biomedical Eng

Dr. Jonathan Singer

Mechanical + Aerospace Eng

Alina Thokkadam

Rutgers University, BS
Chemical Eng '19

Princeton University,
PhD Chemical Eng

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Important Notice

Considering the circumstances of Rutgers University's closure, several James J. Slade Scholars were unable to continue their research. Despite this, the Rutgers School of Engineering would like to celebrate their efforts. Students who selected to share their thesis papers may have partial research completed. Their progress is dependent on their varied accessibility during such a time.